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An in-depth and extensive service available for collectors, museums, dealers, or individuals interested in the history of their artworks. Art authentication is a multi-step process that begins with examining digital images and initial discussions of any provenance disclosed at the time of purchase. After gathering the initial details, research is conducted for all verifiable history. Including reading exhibition history, purchase agreements, catalogue raisonne, or direct communication with an artist (if living) or an expert (a person who knew the artist). Organizations such as museums, auction houses, galleries, or family foundations regarded as experts, are contacted to aid in the authentication process. Third, market comparisons, conditions reports, notes, or any further documentation is complied with and presented to the expert. Lastly, a Certificate of Authenticity is dipersed to the individuals seeking authentication. 

*fees are project-based; please contact us to set up an appointment to further discuss your needs.

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